• Maximizing Wealth to Build Lasting Legacies

    You’ve worked a lifetime to provide for your family and have built a nice nest egg in the process. Now is the time to think about how your money can do more – in your senior years and beyond. The Selden Law Group gets to know you, your family, and your unique situation before crafting wealth strategies to ensure your money goes further and your legacy is a lasting one.

  • Helping Business Owners Retire And Entities Continue

    Business owners know that retiring isn’t as simple as giving a few weeks notice. Employees, clients and partners rely on the business you’ve built for their livelihood. In addition to grooming a successor, you need to ensure the business has the financial strength to continue while you receive fair payment for your idea and life’s work. The Selden Law Group can help.

Your Legal Partner in Planning

The Selden Law Group inspires families and owners of privately held businesses to plan to meet their goals and objectives based on a unique process focusing on the definition of proper planning.

Our philosophy at the Selden Law Group is to make the complex simple by taking time to understand our clients' concerns, identify potential problems, and seek advantageous solutions that provide comfort and confidence to the families and business owners that we represent. Our expertise and processes best enable us to meet our clients' objectives in a practical and straightforward manner.


Our Comprehensive Approach

The Selden Law Group Approach

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